Vikan Hygienic Cleaning Tools

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Vikan Hygienic Cleaning Tools

Vikan Hygienic Cleaning Tools

Nowadays many food and beverage global companies are using Vikan Hygienic Cleaning Tools due to its wide range of product design, high quality with FDA approved material, and up to 12 color for customer choice.

"When Vikan visits a food processing plant, they see it through a different set of eyes. Where some see equipment and materials, Vikan sees risks and opportunities. Where some see brushes, brooms and mops, Vikan see solutions to hygiene challenges. Where some say "your work," Vikan says "your purpose." Because people who clean these facilities or otherwise work with hygiene are on the front line of keeping our food a delight to serve and safe to eat."

— Carsten Bo Pedersen, Vikan Group Managing Director

Vikan has been looking at food and beverage plants and other hygiene-sensitive environments in this way since 1898. Through integrity, diligence, ingenuity and drive, Vikan has amassed the industry's biggest bank of hygiene and regulatory insight. Based on this insight, Vikan has developed the world's most effective professional range of cleaning tools and advisory services. All to make sure that customer can deliver each and every product they mature with pride and confidence.

The Vikan Hygienic Cleaning Tools range

1. Wall brackets

Keep your Vikan hygienic cleaning tools organised, increase their durability and service life, and minimize the risk of audit non compliance with our comprehensive range of stainless steel and plastic wall brackets (with hooks and clips), and bucket brackets.

  • Stainless steels wall brackets are strong and durable and hold between 1-6 Vikan cleaning tools
  • Plastic wall brackets are available in 12 different colors and hodl between 1-6 Vikan cleaning tools
  • The high strength hooks of plastic wall bracket can hold up to 10 kg
  • Stainless steel bucket brackets enable Vikan buckets to be store hygienically upside down.

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2. Brushes & brooms

Vikan offers a very wide range of highly effective, durable brushes and brooms in various shapes and sizes for use in multitude of applications in every industry setting. There are brushes for food and beverage applications, general cleaning, and vehicle cleaning, in a range of highly specialized designs.

Vikan brushes and brooms range includes several Ultra Safe Technology (UST) products, which feature hygienic design making them suitable for use in high-risk environments.

  • All brushes and brooms are designed with ergonomics in mind from the dimensions of their handle to the angle of their bristles.
  • A wide range of bristle options are available including short, long, split, soft, medium, hard, mixed, heat resistant, and angle cut making it possible to find a brush or broom that meets your needs.
  • Scrubbing brushes and brooms are ideal for wet or dry cleaning of stubborn dirt.
  • Soft brooms are ideal for sweeping powder and other loose dry material.
  • Some brushes and brooms are also available as waterfed options.
  • Easy-to-clean UST brushes reduce the risk of contaminant build-up on the cleaning tools themselves.

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3. Buckets

Store, transport, mix and clean products of any type with award-winning Vikan buckets and lids. Hygienic, ergonomically designed and stackable, these bucket systems are remarkably versatile and easy to work with.

  • Hygienically designed buckets hold 6, 12, or 20 L.
  • Strong and durable with stainless steel handles.
  • Temperature and chemical resistant.
  • Available in a range of food contact compliant color.
  • Ergonomically designed.
  • Feature easy-to-read measures.

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4. Squeegees

Effectively remove both liquids and debris with Vikan squeegees. Choose from,

  • Floor and hand squeegees - featuring high density foam blades and easy to replace blade cassettes. Highly efficient at removing liquids from surfaces, and cost effective. Available in fixed and swivel necked, hand held and floor clearing options and with easy to remove cassettes.
  • Hygienic squeegees - featuring twin rubber blades in an easy to remove cassette for hygienic cleaning and maintenance. These squeegees are heat and chemical resistant and highly efficient at removing liquids and semi solids from surfaces. Available in fixed and swivel necked, hand held and floor cleaning options.
  • Ultra-Hygienic squeegees - featuring a fully moulded, hygienically designed single flexible blade. Designed for use in areas where hygiene is critical but effective at removing liquids, semi-solids and loose dry material from any surfaces, anywhere. Floor and hand held versions are available up to 12 different colors.
  • Condensation squeegees - specifically designed to remove condensation from ceilling and overhead pipework. Condensate can be drained safely to the floor drain, via the hollow handle and a hose, or collected in a bottle that dits easily and securely on to the waterfed handle.
  • Vikan also has a comprehensive range of squeegees designed specifically for vehicle cleaning.

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5. Scrapers

Scrape any surface free of stubborn debris with extensive range of effective Vikan scrapers. Available with steel, flexible polypropylene blades, and temperature resistant nylon.

These scrapers remove sticky, oily, baked on, dried and other debris from work surfaces, conveyor belts, floors, tables, cookers, hand-toreach areas and even curved equipments.

  • Stainless steel scrapers are great for removing stubborn debris from tough surfaces, like tiles, and hot and cold surfaces. They come in a range of blade sizes, to facilitate everything from work surface to floor cleaning, and can be fitted to any Vikan handle to provide the length required.
  • Plastic scrapers can be used on surfaces where a stainless steel blade might damage the surface being scraped. They are available in range of colors, and come in hand held and threaded handle versions for extendibility.
  • Nylon scrapers allow the scraping of very hot and very cold surfaces.
  • Flexible plastic scrapers are available in metal detectable versions.
  • Paddles scrapers are available in nylon and polyethylene.

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6. Handles

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7. Scoops

Scoop wet or dry ingredients with hygienically designed Vikan Scoops. These scoops feature smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces and a one-piece construction that eliminates areas where contaimination can gather.

  • Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes
  • Lightweight, durable and ergonomically designed
  • Hygienically designed for food handling applications
  • Available in a range of food contact compliant colors to allow for easy segregation of use, particularly with regard to ingredients and allergen segregation
  • Also available in metal detectable versions

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8. Shovels, forks & rakes

Ergonomically designed Vikan shovels, forks and rakes come in various sizes and shapes for almost any application including food handling.

The shovels can be used for moving large amounts of ingredients waste or even snow.

  • Lightweight, durable and ergonomically designed
  • Some shovels feature holes for rapid liquid drainage
  • The shovel is available in a metal-detectable version
  • Hygienic fork available for emptying fresh produce from large containers during harvest

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9. Mixers

Vikan offers a wide variety of mixers, stirrers and paddles, manufactured in food contact compliant plastic or nylon, designed for virtually every processing application

  • Both excellent for mixing all liquids and viscous products
  • Nylon stirrer is good for use with hot foods and liquids
  • Fully moulded, one-piece construction is easy to clean
  • Also feature a scraping edge to help remove product from the sides of mixing vessles
  • Available in versions with holes that allow the ingredients to pass through the blade and ease stirring

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10. Scouring pads & Holders

Vikan scouring pads and holders are suitable for a wide range of industries and specific applications. Vikan scouring pads are highly effective and durable. Vikan handheld and extendable pad holders come in a range of sizes and colors and feature a secure locking system that keeps the pad firmly in place.

Vikan also offer wash fleece products for selected applications.

  • Scouring pad are effective and long-lasting
  • Pad available in color-coded varieties: white for soft, blue for medium and brown for hard
  • Pad holder features locking system that keeps the scouring pad in place
  • Wash fleece and holder options

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11. Dustpan sets & Dusters

Collect debris of any kind and dust from floors and work surfaces using Vikan's range of dustpans, dustpans sets and dusters.

  • Color-coded, food-contact-compliant dustpans with fully aligned edge make sure all dust and debris are collected
  • Long-handled dustpans eliminate the need to bend over or kneel
  • Dusters available with telescopic handles
  • Wool and microfibre dusters available
  • Color coded closable dustpan set complete with angle cut bristle broom, for ergonomic, allin-one sweeping

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12. Foaming & Dosing equipments

Vikan offers foaming equipment for use on different surfaces in a variety of industries. Versatile, effective and with minimal generation of aerosols, these tools are used to clean everything from food service areas to changing rooms at sport facilities and even swimming pools. They work purely with the pressure from your water supply system.

  • Sprayer feature functional design with continually variable water supply
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Foam is applied without generating aerosols
  • Color coding facilitates chemical identification

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13. Water guns & Hoses

Vikan offers water guns and hoses for use in a variety of industries and applications. Versatile and effective, Vikan water guns are used to clean everything from food service areas to changing rooms at sports facilities and even swimming pools. Vikan hoses are designed for use with hot and cold water, and come in 1/2" coupling and various lengths.

  • Gun sprayers feature functional design with continually variable water pressure.
  • Water guns available with angled jets to hit hard-to-reach places
  • Cold water hoses can be used with water up to 40oC
  • Hot water hoses are designed for use with water up to 70oC

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