5 favorite places for tires and soles cleaning.

Article by Nguyễn Vũ Hoàng Duy at 31.05.2021
5 favorite places for tires and soles cleaning.

5 favorite places for tires and soles cleaning.

In this article, ProfilGate shows you positions in factory at which we should install tires and soles cleaning system.

1. ProfilGate® in the workshop driveway

In the workshop area, the amount of dirt is usually particularly high. There may be a lot of dust. Swarf, splinters or other parts of products or materials are in the air and on the floor. However, as products permanently reach and leave the workshop for processing, this dirt is also distributed unstoppably in other environments, e.g. sensitive production areas or warehouses. Therefore the installation of our cleaning fields in the access areas of workshops is extremely worthwhile.

2. ProfilGate® aqua inside the production process

Hygiene plays a particularly important role in the food industry. The spread of germs and cross-contamination are just two of the key words that make hygiene concepts fail and prevent certification (IFS, BRC). The aqua version of the ProfilGate®cleaning system offers reliable wet cleaning and disinfection. It is frequently installed in transition areas and goods receiving points.

3. ProfilGate® in front of the freight elevator

Areas with different degrees of cleanliness are often divided into different levels, for example the logistics area with a higher amount of dirt in the basement and the clean production area on the upper floor.The location where dirt is deposited is the elevator which is used to transport goods. Installing ProfilGate®in front of it means that every sole and every roller must be cleaned before they enter the elevator.

4. ProfilGate® in the AGV track

AGVs have become indispensable in industry 4.0, but old problems remain. AGV tires also carry dirt through warehouses and logistics. Since they usually drive on the same lane, the tire abrasion quickly leaves tracks and the hall floor suffers. Place a ProfilGate®cleaning field in the track of your AGV. No problem if your AGV follows an optical guideline, simply use the guide rail for our fields and the tires are automatically every time the field is passed.

5. ProfilGate® in the forklift driveway

In your factory, you can have the highest standards of cleanliness, but the entry of forklift trucks brings dirt into the building from the outside. You need a solution that doesn't take time, but cleans thoroughly. Place ProfilGate®directly into the access gate, the first field outside under a canopy and the second into the building. Your forklifts drive their previous paths, but now they no longer bring in dirt.

Of course, this list is only a small best-of. Discover many more possibilities by clicking your way through our Clean Factory: www.cleanfactory.org/app/index.html

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