Laboratory Design Package

Unit Price
On Request
Country of origin
Unit of Measurement
Delivery time
8 - 10 weeks
Validity Until
We strive for the right solution in creating a design that is functional and also tailored for the client's own preferences. The laboratory design improves not just the looks of the surroundings but also the working space of the people in it.
AdvanceLab Interior Design package
Technical Data
  • 1x Gathering information about the project area
  • 1x Determine key factors for design process
  • 1x Preparing and developing plans and layouts
  • 1x Producing proper documentations related
  • 1x Preparing 3D perspective views & material samples
  • 1x Testing and evaluating the design
  • 1x Budgeting the cost of construction work
  • 1x Prepare project master schedule
  • 1x Managing contracts of project owner with partners
  • 1x Supervision of the entire project based on design
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