Dirt amount collected by ProfilGate® monthly?

Article by Nguyễn Vũ Hoàng Duy at 14.08.2021
Dirt amount collected by ProfilGate® monthly?

Dirt amount collected by ProfilGate® monthly?

The dirt evaluations of some customers from Germany and abroad illustrate the effectiveness of the system under various conditions.

Klöckner Pentaplast (kp) collected 4.25 kg of dirt in just one month!

Klöckner Pentaplast (kp) was founded in 1965 in Montabaur, Germany, and has become a global leader in the plastics industry. The company now has 32 factories in 18 different countries and supplies companies in the food, consumer goods, pharmaceutical and medical industries. Customers from the pharmaceutical and food segments in particular have very high requirements in terms of hygiene and cleanliness. 

Among other things, a cleaning solution was sought for a hall entrance in front of the inner gate. The objective was to protect kp products from contamination by reducing the amount of dirt entering the production areas. The decision was made back in 2017 in favour of the ProfilGate® st65 model, which is characterized by a high dirt volume. 

Klöckner Pentaplast mainly uses hand trucks, pallet trucks, electric ants and small forklifts, which have small wheels and castors, to access the cleaning area.  Accordingly, the st series was chosen, which is characterized by fine meshes of the gratings and is thus optimally suited for this type of industrial truck. The internal roadway is heavily used: approximately 240 passes per day. Cleaning of the field is carried out weekly. In January 2021, the dirt was collected and weighed. There were 4.25 kg of dirt on the scales. Extrapolating this to a full year, over 50 kg of dirt can be intercepted before it enters production.

Muhr und Bender KG Germany collects 3.8 kg of dirt in one month!

Muhr und Bender KG was founded in Attendorn in 1916. Today, the headquarters of the Mubea group of companies is still located in Attendorn. The automotive supplier manufactures components for the engine, chassis, interior, transmission and body. Spring band clamps, stabilizers and valve springs, for example, are produced at the Attendorn site.

A cleaning solution was required for aninternal sluice between a production and a logistics area. It should be avoided that the dirt, which develops in the production, is carried on into the clean area. ProfilGate® was the right product for cleaning tires and rollers for internal industrial trucks. The ProfilGate®cleaning field was installed at the end of 2018.

The st-series was selected as model 65 in the dimension 3x5 segments. The clean running zone is used byhand trucks, lift trucks, e-ants and small forklifts. These industrial trucks all have small wheels or rollers. The st-series was developed for cleaning them. It has a finer mesh and is therefore perfectly suited for narrow rollers. The area - an internal main driveway - is heavily used. Approx. 180 crossings are made per day. The cleaning field is emptied in a rhythm of fourteen days. Mubea weighed the dirt for one month during these emptyings in order to measure the effectiveness of the system. The result was 3.8 kilograms, an average of 0.8 kg to 1 kg per week. Projected over one year, Muhr und Bender KG will -thanks to the ProfilGate®system - have to remove approx. 45-50 kg less dirt from the logistics area, as it remains in the dirt trap trays. There it can simply be removed.

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