AdvanceLab School Demo Fume Hood, ducted, (mm) 1220 x 1000 x 2420

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AdvanceLab School Demo Fume Hood is for teaching purpose. The transparent wall enable students to see the experiments being carried out inside. Fumehood when sized with an appropriate chemical resistant centrifugal exhaust fan will protect persons in the room from exposure to harmful fumes.
Advancelab School Demo Fume Hood, ducted, (mm) 1220 x 1000 x 2420
Technical Data
  • Dimension WDH [mm] 1220 x 1000 x 2420
  • Base cabinet supplied as standard
  • Industrial electrogalvanised steel construction
  • Heavy Epoxy powder coated finish
  • Dished Epoxy worktop, chemical & heat resistant
  • Purpose built light box external to air flow
  • Electrical light ballast for flicker free usage
  • Clear side panels for better visibility
  • Stainless steel SS304 airfoil maximizing air sweep
  • Airflow compliant with ASHRAE 110-95
  • Compliant BS 7258, EN 14175 if order Controller
  • Design velocity 0.5m/s at 500mm sash height
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